Here’s the story of Yorz Razorwraps… 

I’ve always been a fan of multipack disposable razors. They are convenient and less expensive than high-end razors, and perfect for families.  But when my kids started shaving, we kept getting them mixed up in the bathroom we shared. And no one wants to share razors—they can spread viruses and bacteria. I’d look at three blue or three pink razors on the edge of the tub and not know which one was mine, so I chucked them all and grabbed a new one from the bag. 

100I kept thinking of a way to personalize a multipack razor—and decided it was sort of like personalizing a cell phone—so I came up with a silicone cover in multiple colors. 

And there were other things I wanted to make better. I wanted a soft, ergonomic grip. I wanted a way to keep my razor from sitting in water that caused it to rust and shortened the life of the blade. And finally, I didn’t want it to fall on the floor of the tub or shower where I might step on it and cut myself. 

Vee_0015After I had the design nailed down, I found a business partner (and dermatologist) who was instrumental in bringing Yorz Razorwraps full circle. He loved the concept because he constantly advised his patients not to share razors and saw this as a great product for multipack disposables.

So, that’s how Yorz Razorwraps became a 3-in-1 product! Yorz Razorwraps lets you personalize your razor to prevent mix-ups, has a great ergonomic grip, and a hook so you can hang your razor to keep it safe and dry!